Allen Wright, PE, CDT, Director

Allen J. Wright, PE, CDT, is a Technical Director in the Center for Project Excellence at CH2MHill. He is a B.S. graduate of Oregon State University where he majored in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Wright has broad experience in both product design and manufacturing and A&E industries. In product manufacturing, he has worked on low emission thermal power plant development, automotive drive train systems, medical blood pumps, hand-held calculators, robots and automation systems, and pollution destruct and capture systems. In the A&E area he developed a new business for CH2MHill that installed complex manufacturing equipment in new and refurbished facilities. During his career he has been awarded five U.S. patents in the fields of automotive, electronic, robotic equipment, and building emergency egress systems. He has written 14 technical papers within the area of robotics and automation and has contributed chapters to two books on robotics.

In his current role, Mr. Wright manages the CH2MHill worldwide specification system, has written and teaches a series of specification training courses, and oversees the enterprise-wide codes and standards access system. A portion of his continuing client work includes reworking and creating new master specification libraries for municipalities.

He can be reached at:
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