Salt Lake City, Utah (March 1, 2011) - ARCOM announced today that it has acquired SPECTEXT® from The Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Inc. (CSRF).

SPECTEXT is a master guide specification writing system designed to provide a method of preparing accurate construction specifications for projects. Its content is designed for medium-sized construction projects, particularly environmental and utility engineering, with additional provisions for multiple contract and construction management work. SPECTEXT II, an abridged version of SPECTEXT, is designed for less complex facilities, such as light commercial, multi-family residential, and low-rise buildings.

“SPECTEXT has achieved a significant market share, particularly among certain engineering disciplines,” stated Christopher Bushnell, President and CEO of ARCOM. “The SPECTEXT product line will complement the MasterSpec master guide specification system, which ARCOM will continue to support. We will apply our specification expertise to maintaining and expanding the SPECTEXT content, particularly in the engineering disciplines, as well as bring our leading-edge specification automation software to SPECTEXT users,” he continued.

ARCOM will assume the operation of SPECTEXT immediately. The existing SPECTEXT Support Center will continue to respond to and serve both existing and new clients. “We are confident that under ARCOM the SPECTEXT Support Center will continue to provide users the best in customer service,” stated Garry Zettersten, Executive Director of CSRF. “Additionally, ARCOM’s investment in SPECTEXT will result in content improvements while retaining the technical composition and ‘single voice’ language that SPECTEXT users rely on,” he added.

ARCOM and CSRF also jointly announced the establishment of a strategic alliance, and the endorsement of SPECTEXT by CSRF. “The SPECTEXT product line has the full endorsement of CSRF,” Mr. Zettersten said. “CSRF thanks all of its loyal subscribers and supporters and assures users that they can continue to rely on SPECTEXT products for their needs,” he continued. “CSRF will continue to focus on projects that enhance communication within the industry. We are joining with ARCOM in a strategic alliance to facilitate achieving this goal,” Mr. Zettersten stated. As part of the strategic alliance, ARCOM will be the exclusive marketing, sales, and distribution partner for all new products and services that CSRF develops.


ARCOM is the leader in specifications and specification productivity software, and the developer of SpecWare® and SpecAgent®. SpecWare is a suite of specification productivity software tools that dramatically simplifies specification creation and use. SpecAgent is a web-based resource designed to work with master specifications that streamlines the process of building product research and comparison and manufacturer selection.

ARCOM is the exclusive publisher of MasterSpec for the AIA, which is used by architects, specification professionals, building engineers, landscape architects, and other design professionals. MasterSpec is used to create construction specifications for buildings of all sizes, complexity, and delivery.

ARCOM is a Salt Lake City-based firm with an additional office in Alexandria, Virginia. The company employs more than 40 full-time specification development professionals: researchers, specification writers and editors, software developers, technical support staff, and customer service professionals.

About CSRF

The Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Inc. (CSRF) is an independent, not-for-profit construction industry research organization dedicated to unifying and integrating communication between programs and design/communications processes used in facilities design and construction.



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For more information about SPECTEXT® products and services visit: Spectext Building Specifications Resources