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Web Format Summary

WebFormat™ demonstrates how a manufacturer's website can be simple, fast and very effective for both the user and the manufacturer. WebFormat™ is trademarked and copyrighted by the Construction Sciences Research Foundation.

Just as PageFormat™ and SectionFormat™ (copyrighted by the Construction Specification Institute) guide the specifier to produce useful documents, WebFormat™ guides the manufacturer to produce useful websites for the construction professional - architect, engineer, specifier, and contractor.

The WebFormat™ document is in a pdf format. Visit the sample pages used in the document:

  • WebFormat™ Home Page - (Hard Knox demo pages) This page shows what the manufacturer makes, how to access the product data, the email address and mailing address, and how to access the specifications and CAD details. This entire page will load in about 12 seconds on a standard AOL dialup connection.
  • WebFormat™ Product Page - This lets the user quickly know what additional information is available on the website and an easy navigation system. By using text, the page loads quickly.
  • WebFormat™ Specifications Page - shows one way to access the specifications. Note we recommend the specs be available in Office 2000, WordPerfect 6, and RTF (Rich Text Format) so they can be accessed by all users.

SPECTEXT® and SPECTEXT® II are registered trademarks of The Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Inc.
MasterFormat™ is a trademark of The Construction Specifications Institute.
WordPerfect® is a registered trademark of Corel Corporation.
Microsoft ® is a registered trademark of Microsoft.
WebFormat™ is a trademark of The Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Inc.

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