CSRF Introduces WebFormat™

Despite its promise, Internet product research is still enormously time-consuming and frequently unproductive.

Creating a Common Language® is a mission of CSRF. WebFormat™ is our recommended layout for construction product web sites. WebFormat™ is intended to be a starting point for manufacturers' web designers, not a limiting document. By demonstrating a simple and effective web site, manufacturers will be able to show their web designers what architects want and make their web site more effective.

Web designers, not usually familiar with the design and specification requirements of the construction professional, have designed most product web sites. Many web sites are little more than an electronic

representations of ads or product literature and do not provide ready access to all the desired design information. Worse yet, the design information may not even be available online. The fundamental purpose of this article is to assist the manufacturer to provide more design data, less junk graphics and not waste a construction professional's time. An example of a simplified design for construction product web sites following WebFormat™ guidelines may be viewed by clicking here.

The home page, or first page displayed, should load quickly and the user should promptly know what products the company makes. The HardKnox sample page below shows a fictitious company's products and how a simple web page can be very effective.

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